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we embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and believe in strong partnerships

Strong Local Presence

For the realization of your projects is ATLAS international locally present and enables full service support. Our special relationships with attractive markets facilitate easy entry.

Streamlined Government Collaboration

We at ATLAS International excel in collaborating with governmental organizations, serving as a supplier, solution provider, or private partner in PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects.

Comprehensive Technology Insights

As a solutions provider, we regularly update you on the latest technologies in traffic regulation.

25+ Years of Experience

Over the years of working together, we have become a unique and diverse team and have achieved a lot together.


our solutions

With the vision to make roads safer and traffic more efficient, we continously work on our solution offerings together with our network of trusted partners. Our holistic approach is based on supporting our clients to identify their needs in the area of traffic and mobility and find suitable solutions. This may include initial consultation, planning, developing technical specifications as well as the provision of hardware and software, their installation and maintenance, data analytics, and also training of local staff. For more details check both of our product business lines sections.

“We help governments to create safer environments for citizens.”

Arthur Konrad

CEO and Founder, ATLAS International

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Hildeboldplatz 15-17, 50672 Cologne


+41 44 777 10 58


Bahnhofstrasse 20, 6300 Zug

*we speak German, English, Ukrainian, and Russian

ATLAS International AG

Bahnhofstrasse 20,
6300 Zug,


*we speak German and English

ATLAS International GmbH

Hildeboldplatz 15-17,
50672 Cologne,


*we speak German, English, Ukrainian and Russian